About us

The EU-financed project “The Eastern Partnership Youth Regional Unit” commenced its activities in January 2013.    

The project is directed towards the six countries of the EU’s Eastern Partnership - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. It will serve as a regional base for the provision of regional technical cooperation with governmental and non-governmental stakeholders through analytical, capacity building and communication activities in the field of youth policy reform. The Eastern Partnership Youth Regional Unit will further act as a catalyst for initiatives addressing the youth sphere in the Eastern Partnership region.

The Unit will seek to establish strong working relationships with all regional institutions active in the field of youth policy, providing support and coordination in accordance with a framework developed with its partners, to support the development and implementation, monitoring and evaluation of evidence-based youth policy at national and regional levels throughout the Eastern Partnership region. It is intended as an instrument to assist all the countries of the Eastern Partnership to develop constructive and mutually compatible and reinforcing youth policies. 

The project will extend to December 2015. The project’s main office has been established in Kiev, Ukraine. 

Contact the EPYRU at office@eapyouth.eu

Video about the Project (Russian only) introduced by Team Leader Hans-Jurgen Maeth: