International Multiplier Training in Ukraine - Intercultural Learning, Non Violent Communication/ Peace Education and Conflicts

Pustomyty,Lviv region, Ukraine

 The project is a set of activities aiming at raising young peoples’ and societies awareness on cultural aspects of different conflicts, at the same time by passing Intercultural Learning and Non Violent communication competences to youngsters to prevent and/or lower the possibilities of future conflicts.  All EaP countries eligible.

Application form should be sent by e-mail to  - Application deadline: 25.06.2015

Financial and practical conditions of participation: All costs of the training programme (including food, accommodation, trainers) will be covered and 80% of international travel costs will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 275 Euros.

Participation fee: 30 euro.

More details here.

20 July
to 26 July