E.g., 2017-12-16
E.g., 2017-12-16
13 April
to 17 April

“DemoPeople” Contact Making Seminar on Youth Policy

Warsaw, Poland

The objective of the seminar is to establish a close international cooperation in the field of democracy and structural dialogue, to understand the idea of structural dialog,  and to create new international partnerships and prepare new, good quali

31 March
to 1 April

EPYRU National Workshop on Youth Policy, Kyiv


The EPYRU’s national workshop, which took place on March 31-April 1 in Kyiv, involved 70 participants from government and youth organizations across Ukraine, including forty from the country’s regions. Whilst covering a broad range of youth policy issues, particular attention was given to networking and gathering and sharing information.

20 March
to 26 March

Novruz International Youth Festival 2015

Baku, Azerbaijan

  Mission: - To create a culturally diverse and open environment where all of the participants will be able to express their own culture and appreciate others,  (more

16 March
to 21 March

Young Women's Peace Academy 2015



Young Women’s Academy is a Kvinna till Kvinna training program for young women from the Caucasus and the Balkans. Its aim is to increase young women’s leadership, advocacy and communication skills and strengthen their capacity to influence policymakers at a local and international level for a positive change. (more...)

23 February
to 24 February

“Youth On-Line” Seminar


The EPYRU “Youth Online Seminar” brought together 12 participants; from each of the six EaP countries there will be one representative from the youth-related Ministry and one representative of the country’s National Youth Council.

9 February
to 11 February

2nd Eastern Partnership Youth Forum

Riga, Latvia

 The aim of the 2nd Eastern Partnership Youth Forum is to provide space for exploration and new developments of the following tools and processes related to employment of young people: mobility and partnership programmes, cross-sectorial cooperation, youth policy development, exchange of good practices and innovative ideas. 

4 February
to 10 February

Goodaura - Altitude 3270ᵐ

Tbilisi, Gudauri

AEGEE-Tbilisi proudly presents the third Winter University ”Goodaura ~ Altitude 3270m”. The project will take place in Gudauri, mountain ski resort. The ski lifts stations are between the altitudes 2000m – 3270m.

7 December

Volunteers Festival, Chisinau, Moldova


In the context of marking International Volunteer Day on 5 December, the Ministry of Youth and Sports invites particpants to attend the XII Festival of Volunteers 2014, organized with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, in partnership with "Service for Peace" Directorate General for Education, Youth and Sport of Chisinau and NGOs of the Coalition to promote law and voluntary activi

20 November
to 21 November

EPYRU - Information Partners Workshop - Tbilisi

Tbilisi, Georgia

EPYRU held a very successful information workshop in Tbilisi on 21-22 November with representatives from youth NGOs and official institutions from each of the Eastern Partnership  countries.

17 November
to 19 November

Youth Event - Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum WG IV - Tbilisi

Tbilisi, Georgia