Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Looks Forward to New Civil Society Platforms

 The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) has welcomed the launch of the work that should lead to the establishment of bilateral civil society platforms (CSPs) under the Association Agreements (AAs) between the EU on one side and Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia on the other. ( more....)

These platforms should follow a common model identical for the three countries, said participants of the 6th Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, held on 21-22 November in Batumi, Georgia.
A statement said the related provisions of the three AAs “lack clarity with regards to the basis of establishment of the CSPs, and that this omission needs to be resolved” to ensure their effective and accountable implementation.
The lack of legal clarity and the growing difference in interpretation of the AAs’ provisions might lead to a long-running stalemate that could undermine the establishment of the CSPs and jeopardise the institutional setup of the AAs between the EU and respectively Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, and Georgia,” the statement said.
The Forum called for the immediate launch of a multilateral political consultation to facilitate the formation of the Civil Society Platforms in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, urging the EU, the governments of the three Eastern Partner countries and the three respective National Platforms of the EaP CSF, to establish a Multilateral Task Force that would help resolve the current impasse.
The Civil Society Forum in Batumi also adopted other statements and resolutions including a resolution on cooperation with the EU-Russian Civil Society Forum and a resolution on media war by the Russian Federation. 
Source: ENPI-Info