Local government in Spain to use Blockchain technology in Christmas lottery

A local administration in Alicante of the state lottery will implement the Blockchain technology to guarantee the immutability of the winning ticket.

A local administration in Alicante in Spain has announced the use of Blockchain technology for the next Christmas lottery draw this December 22nd.

The Lottery Administration 6 of Alicante (El Negrito), is responsible for using the blockchain to generate greater credibility in a draw that expects to distribute some 33.9 million euros in prizes on Christmas Eve, according to the local newspaper Informacion.es.

Regarding the unpublished announcement for the sector of shipping and chance in Spain, the manager of the Administration said that it is the first in the country that begins the certification of its product with a public Blockchain, in one of the most important seasons in terms of sales.

“By certifying in Blockchain that the purchased plays are of his own, the client can be 100% sure that he will collect his prizes. Even if our administration was set on fire and only ashes were left from his tickets, he could collect them, since he has a legal proof valid at European level that he is the owner of that play”, highlighted Mateos to the local newspaper.

For Mateos, the implementation of the Blockchain technology Binbot scam brings benefits to both the seller and the buyer, because even if the ticket is lost or the lottery player ‘escapes’, the buyer will always be able to collect the prize in case of being the winner, because of the confidence and immutable traceability that transmits the chain of blocks.

“This technology gives legal certainty from the first second, since having a certificate of ownership of the tickets purchased in blockchain nothing and nobody can prevent the winner from collecting the jackpot that touches him,” he insists.

The use of Blockchain technology in the local administration of the lottery is thanks to the collaboration of Miguel Caballero, author of the book “Bitcoin, Blockchain and Tokenization for the restless” and founder of the prestigious online learning platform Tutellus.

The administration of El Negrito, in Alicante, is one of the ten with the highest turnover in the country along with traditional offices such as Doña Manolita in Madrid or Sort in Lleida, and despite the drop in turnover due to the pandemic, it is still the fourth largest player, only behind metropolises such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Blockchain as a guarantee of transparency

The convincing words of the lottery administrator in Alicante regarding the use of the Blockchain and its immutability in the records against any catastrophe, is undoubtedly a point to highlight the benefits of the use of the blockchain in this type of event.

In addition to the immutability of its records and the preservation forever of the ‘winning ticket’, one of the great benefits of the use of this technology in traditional lottery draws, is undoubtedly the confidence that can be generated by its transparency.

With the capacity of distributed and public registers that Blockchain technology allows for any transaction executed in it, the administrations of games of chance can find a strong ally in the chain of blocks that allows them to increase their transparency, security and confidence in their draws.

In addition, these administrations can experience an increase in profits by attracting an audience that will observe with good eyes its implementation, as a means to repair the questioned transparency that many lotteries have around the world.

Examples of implementation in this sector include the cases of the Rio Negro Lottery in Argentina and the Fire Lotto project, founded by Russian entrepreneurs in Cyprus, based on the Ethereum block chain, to name a few.